Car Winch-2500-4500lbs Self-Help Electric Beach for Rescue Snow-Swamp Desert Harsh-Environment

    Car Winch-2500-4500lbs Self-Help Electric Beach for Rescue Snow-Swamp Desert Harsh-Environment Specification & Description Summary

    Car Winch-2500-4500lbs Self-Help Electric Beach for Rescue Snow-Swamp Desert Harsh-Environment Specification

    • Maximum pulling force2500/3000/3500/4000/4500LBs
    • Voltage12V / 24V
    • Model NumberSG-JP-2500/3000/3500/4000/4500LBs
    • OriginCN(Origin)

    Remote Control 12 / 24VDC Car Electric Winch 2500-4500LBs for Rescue or Self-help in Snow, Swamp, Desert, Beach, Harsh Environment



    1. Shipping list


    Electric Winch




    Wire Rope With Hook(Synthetic rope with hook)


    4-Way Roller Fairlead(Hawse Fairlead)


    Control Unit


    Wireless remote


    Hand-saver strap


    Mounting Hardware




    2. Specifications& Feature








    2500 LBs

    3000 LBs

    3500 LBs

    4000 LBs

    4500 LBs


    1.2hp/0.9kw, permanent magnet DC motor

    1.3hp/1.0kw, permanent magnet DC motor

    1.5hp/1.1kW permanent magnet DC motor,

    1.6hp/1.2kW permanent magnet DC motor

    1.9hp/1.4kW permanent magnet DC motor,

    Twisted rope

    Diameter: 0.48cm


    Diameter: 0.48cm


    Diameter: 0.53cm


    Diameter: 0.53cm


    Diameter: 0.53cm


    Gear set

    Level 1

    Gear ratio


    Roller size

    3.7 cm in diameter and 7.2 cm in length


    Wireless Controller

    3. Advantage


    High quality anti-twist wire rope


    Permanent magnet motor


    Class 1 planetary gears are stable and durable


    Automatic spring brake, strong braking force


    Rotating the clutch handle, the rope is light and fast


    Complete accessories, easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain


    Wireless remote control.


    4. Benefits for you

    (1) It can provide strong pulling force by using anti-twist wire rope

    (2) The motor adopts permanent magnet motor, which has low noise and stable operation, and can provide 4500 LB pull force.

    (3) Class 1 planetary gears are stable and durable. The brakes are stable and safe. Strong power conversion

    (4) Metal clutch hands can quickly release the rope under no-load conditions. efficient.

    (5) It can be controlled by wireless remote control, safe and convenient

    (6) Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain


    5. Application area

    Used in ATV sports cars, agricultural light vehicles, yachts, water recreation equipment, wild adventure vehicles, self-protection and traction, using rescue or self-help in snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain roads and other harsh environments.



    6. Technical Support


    1. Ensure that the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle are in a straight line. The angled traction will offset the traction force, and the second will cause the winch cable to be wound around one end. If you cannot adjust the angle, you can use the directional pulley.

    2. When using a winch to pull heavy objects or vehicles, always pay attention to the voltage of the battery. If the battery voltage is too low, stop the operation immediately and increase the battery voltage by increasing the engine speed to force the generator to charge. Because the power of the winch motor is constant, the lower the voltage, the greater the current that penetrates the battery and the control relay. The low voltage is forced to use and the life of the relay in the battery and control box is reduced more quickly. When the voltage is low, the rope speed will also slow down.

    3. When dragging heavy objects or vehicles that are difficult to drag, the pulley block can be used to form a loop to increase traction.

    4. In the process of dragging, a reasonable method should be used to fix the traction points, such as tires, eye-fixing, fixed body, skilled use of tools such as holding trees and spears.

    5. Ensure the reliability of the clutch switch and avoid danger during rescue.

    6. Wear gloves when operating the winch cable, and place rubber pads and other items on the steel cable to place a destructive rebound after the broken cable is broken.

    7. If the time is too tight to guarantee the neatness of the rope collection, it is also necessary to re-open the rope bar when the conditions permit, and re-wrap the rope string on the reel. Avoid long and messy winding of the rope.

    8. When pulling the object, if you need to loosen the cable, you should use the loose rope button carefully, which will easily cause the cable to be knotted and entangled on the reel. It can be used with the clutch to straighten the steel cable as much as possible.

    9, the team travel, off-road, adventure equipped with 2 winches to correspond to the situation of escape or danger.

    All Products from the factory will be provided for one year warranty after sales and lifetime technical support.

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    Car Winch-2500-4500lbs Self-Help Electric Beach for Rescue Snow-Swamp Desert Harsh-Environment

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